As we anticipate the kick-off of the Florida race season, we know there can be an intense internal struggle when it comes to planning out the races you want to hit. How many races can I fit into this season? How many weeks should I buffer between races? Which awesome medals do I want to earn this season? And so on….

Ease your mind and assemble your 2017-18 Florida race season with six premier running events and two first-class triathlons in the Florida Storm Series. Think of the Series as an a la carte menu of Florida’s must-do events – warm up your appetite with one or both fall races in November, dig in to the main course in January, and round it out with a sweet ending at one or both Florida spring favorites. You can personalize your schedule and earn big BONUS BLING as you go!

Spark your Appetite

Need some extra motivation to commit to competing in the Florida Storm Series? Step into the running shoes of 42-year-old Lourdes Lawrence (pictured right). This mother of two boys was one of SIX athletes to complete the Perfect Storm Challenge – the longest individual distance of all EIGHT races in the Series. Along with her responsibility as a mother, Lourdes also works 40+ hours a week. She was an athlete in her earlier days but just two and a half years ago, she picked up the sport again and fell in love with it once more. This time, her inspiration and drive was linked to the competition and challenge aspect of it all.

However, like most athletes, Lourdes initially questioned her ability to accomplish the Perfect Storm Challenge. When the announcement of the races included in the 2016-17 Florida Storm Series was released, she made the decision to set her sights on the big one. With dedication and persistent training, she completed all eight events included in the most intense and demanding challenges – she had become the Perfect Storm!

When asked where her motivation and inspiration came from, Lawrence stated, “my greatest inspiration would be my parents, Leandro and Nilka Avila, for always pushing [me] as [a child] to be the best [I] can be! Sacrificing many of their own dreams to fulfill mine – swimming classes and teams, softball training, basketball training, all for me to be my best.” She also went on to express her gratitude to her sons and husband for their endless support as she set out to complete this goal of hers.

This challenge is not an impossible goal for athletes to strive for. Lourdes is the PERFECT example of how the right training, mindset, and support can help you achieve all you hope for. Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect to see on the menu this year…

The First Course

Jump-start your Florida race season with one of our season openers in November. Ease into the season with a 5K or 10K, start off a bit stronger and grab a friend to complete the half marathon relay, or dive right in with the half marathon. Whatever serving size you’re ready for at the time, we’ve got you covered!

2017 13.1 Fort Lauderdale, Relay & 5K – Nov. 12
2017 Baptist Health Turkey Trot Miami 5K/10K presented by Publix – Nov. 23

The Main Course

Now that your appetite has been awakened and your first course has been checked off the menu, prepare for the meat & potatoes! With over 24,000 athletes, this event weekend is one you surely want to take a bite of. Set the table for the main event and dig in to the full or half marathon, or order an extra side when you add the Tropical 5K to your plate.

2018 Tropical 5K – Jan. 27
2018 Miami Marathon & Half Marathon – Jan. 28

The Sweet Round-Off

Top off your season with one or both of these spring flings. Get a taste of the unique Miami flare in a perfect mash-up of Miami & Miami Beach, or sample a bit of Florida’s West Coast finest in Sarasota. Finish off strong and complete both half marathons or sprinkle in a relay or 5K. Any way you look at it, your race season will round out nicely while temperatures remain in optimal running range.

2018 13.1 Miami Beach & 5K – Mar. 4
2018 First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon & Relay – Mar. 18

Need Extra Servings?

If that’s not enough to appease your endurance appetite, take your Series to another level with the Perfect Storm Challenge and receive the ULTIMATE bling collection! Like Lourdes did last year, devour the longest distance at each of the six running events listed above and clean your plate by completing the International Individual distance at both Life Time Triathlon events.

2017 Escape to Miami Triathlon – Sept. 24
2018 South Beach Triathlon – Apr. 15

*This challenge is geared toward our hungriest athletes – channel the motivation that prompted Lourdes to take on this beast!

 Make Your Reservation

Signing up for the Series is easy – simply register for each event under the same name, date of birth and email. Then, make sure your Athlinks Athlete Profile is up-to-date by claiming all of your race results throughout the 2017-18 season in order to be included in the Series. Don’t have a profile? Create one for FREE here!

PLUS – register during our 2017 Labor Day sale Sept. 4th through the 6th and receive a 10% discount on select events included in the Florida Storm Series! Use code LABORDAY17 during event registration.

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